Jack Tippens, Emeritus Professor of Art, accepting new painting commissions and allowing reproduction of selected prior works.

The paintings and drawings seen on this site are the works of retired Art Professor Jack Tippens. Several were seen in an interview on the Speed Channel broadcast of the SCCA Kohler Runoffs Showroom Stock B class National Championship Race.  Jack finished in 2nd place in the SSB National Championship.

Until recently, Jack would not allow his art works to be reproduced, selling only original paintings and drawings. However, with the recent improvements in the quality of reproduction brought about by digital controls, he now considers the quality sufficient that he will allow the sale of reproductions.  This can bring down considerably the cost of having one of his works from the price of the original, commissioned works.  Many of those pieces are in major corporate and private collections around the country.

The pieces show on this page are primarily automotive related, but other pages to be developed will show the other styles and subjects he has utilized in more than five decades of creating.

He is accepting  new commissions for paintings or drawings from interested collectors. Reproductions may be made in various sizes, allowing collectors to have his works at scales appropriate to their personal needs.

For more information regarding commissions, or reproductions, or to view original works still available for purchase, contact him at jtippens@tippens.org.